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University Research Grants

The Society for Army Historical Research provides grants to encourage and support research undertaken by those studying at University. Each year the grants consist of one up to £1000, and two of up to £500.  Applications are welcomed world wide from any student who is currently studying at a University or similar institution. Grants are made for research that relates to the British Army or of the Land Forces of the British Empire and the Commonwealth. For details go to Rules and Guidance (approved 2016 for all subsequent competitions).

Recent awards have been to : -

Minor Grants

Brian Drohan at University of Carolina, and the award supports research into relationships between human rights and the conduct of warfare during British counterinsurgency campaigns in Cyprus, Aden, and Northern Ireland.

Jerome Devitt at Trinity College, Dublin, and the award supports research on the British army in Ireland in the mid nineteenth century.

Adam Prime (University of Leicester) in support of research into British officers commanding the Army of India, 1861-1921.

Mason Watson (Ohio State University) in support of research inot the changing perceptions of the BEFs effectiveness in the inter-war years.

Major Grants

Patrick Watt of the University of Edinburgh. The award supports research into the battle planning and execution in the British Expeditionary Force on the western front in 1915, a hitherto neglected area in the historiography of the First World War.

Nicola Martin of the University of Stirling, in support of her research into 'Cultural paradigms of British imperialism in the militarisation of Scotland and North America from 1745 to 1776'.

Grant Applications are welcome at all times.